A Lyndale Gathering Place

When it’s time to have holiday parties or other gatherings for residents at Lyndale Place, a main concern has been “where are we going to do it?” Public space is limited at Lyndale, but we’d love many opportunities throughout the year to bring our residents together for a true community event.

In the spirit of “neighbors helping neighbors,” Lyndale Place has been given permission by Goethe School – just across the street from Lyndale Place – to use a room on the first floor for our gatherings. The first bash will be our Christmas Party in December (date yet to be determined). We’re very grateful to Mrs. Barbara Kargas, Principal at Goethe School, and to the entire school administration for the opporunity to allow our residents to gather together as a community in a comfortable environment so close to home.

Thanks, neighbor!

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One Response to A Lyndale Gathering Place

  1. kmonro says:

    Great idea to share space, thanks Goethe School!

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