Renaissance North’s Commercial Space Expansion…This is Great News for Us!!!

Blockhead is growing!  We are happy to announce the expansion of Blockhead Fitness (December 15th) with more than 2500sf.  With this new expansion, Blockhead will be offering Yoga and Pilates classes starting in January, 2012.  For more detailed information or questions, feel free to contact Sean @ 312-573-1950 or visit

Blockhead Fitness is located at 557 W. North Avenue (corner of Larrabee Street & North Avenue).  Our Renaissance North residents are offered a discounted price of just $30 for a one-hour session. (Psst! TRC employees, if you mention you are a team member you will receive a discount as well!)  And, for each person you refer, you will receive a free session (no limit). Wow!

…So who is this guy Sean?  Prior to opening his business in 2006, Sean was the head trainer at Lakeshore Athletic Club. Sean enjoys watching his clients gain results they never thought were possible.  His passion is training for power, strength and muscle building/definition.  Plus, Blockhead Fitness has trainers that are all nationally certified, and each has a degree in a related field.

We’re thrilled to have Sean and Blockhead Fitness here at Renaissance North. Stop by and see them now!

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2 Responses to Renaissance North’s Commercial Space Expansion…This is Great News for Us!!!

  1. adamrayman says:

    Congratulations to Renaissance North and Blockhead Fitness! Sean is such a nice guy, I am sure he is an inspiring trainer. Speaking of which, I should really hit the gym soon 🙂

  2. rennorth says:

    Haha…Adam I just read this. He will give you a discount and he’s adding a class kinda like P90X or Insanity that I’m going to sign up for.

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