Greenview gets a visit from singing preschoolers!

One of the many things that sets Greenview Place apart from other Supported Living Facilities is our intergenerational programming. Saint Luke Academy is on our campus, and the members of the prestigious elementary school often work and play with our residents. 

Each week, members of our Greenview family take advantage of the many ways to get involved with the Saint Luke community.  Every Wednesday, the Seasonings program brings elders and children together. R, esidents are offered the chance to eat lunch with a class of students at Saint Luke, and they spend some time socializing and having fun while they work together on a project.

Throughout the month, we offer additional chances to enjoy the company of the students as they visit our building. Today we had that very opportunity. We started our day with a smile as the preschoolers gave a concert just for us!  Our residents were serenaded with fun classics such as “Mr. Sun” and “You are my Sunshine.”  Many folks were overheard commenting how the children were “adorable” and “so cute to watch.”

Seeing the enthusiasm and joy of the children as they sang, and in the faces of our residents as they listened was truly beautiful.  Programs such as these are such a valuable and special part of what Greenview offers.


About lgodecke

Life Enrichment Director, Greenview Place
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