Jeans Day Charity Program has special meaning for one TRC teammember

We’ve implemented our employee Jeans Day, which means that we’ll be asking for our teammembers’ support in donating to our chosen charity.  We are encouraging employees to donate a small – or large! – amount out of their paychecks every two weeks. In return,  participants get to wear their favorite work-appropriate jeans on payroll Fridays.  What a great, fun program!

Our teammembers’ generous donations being collected for the first six months will be sent to the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.  The Foundation is geared towards supporting persons with CHARGE Syndrome, and their families. This one hits close to home, since a member of the TRC family is part of a Charge Syndrome family. Janay Hayes-Mohamed, our Property Manager, was gracious enough to introduce this great charity to us and has shared some information about her daughter Rasha, along with some great pics!  

Teammembers – donate if you can!  The Charge Syndrome Foundation proudly reports that over 90% of each dollar goes to the actual mission of the charity, and helps over 800 family members and children attend a special informational conference every other year. To check out more information on CHARGE please visit

Come be part of the solution.

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2 Responses to Jeans Day Charity Program has special meaning for one TRC teammember

  1. Pamela Ryan says:

    Dear TRC,
    How wonderful of you to “take on” CHARGE Syndrome. Janay is a wonderful woman and her children are equally as special, especially Miss Rasha. Thank you for helping us all!

    Pam Ryan
    Board Member, CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
    School Psychologist, Perkins School for the Blind

  2. kmonro says:

    By the way, I love your site too! I will keep you posted on the progress here if you want 🙂

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