Get your guessing genes going for Jeans Day

Listen up Everyone! Contest Time at TRC

What is the contest, you ask?  It’s to reward the first person to correctly guess who’s wearing the jeans!  

Each month, we’ll send an email to everyone announcing a new pic is up of a Jeans Day participant. This will be someone who is taking part in Jeans Day – and you’ll have to guess who it is!  Be the first one to correctly guess who wore the jeans – and post your guess to the blog!

The winner will receive a surprise gift card 🙂

Are you ready?

Let’s begin! See if you can tell who this is…


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11 Responses to Get your guessing genes going for Jeans Day

  1. Sally Hand says:

    I think it is Kathy.

  2. Wayne says:

    Kristen, those jeans look nice on you. 🙂

  3. markmas23 says:

    How about Jeanmarie Kapp? Also, can we just keep listing TRC team members until we’re right? 😉

  4. kmonro says:

    Yes, you can all keep listing! and YES YOU ARE RIGHT!!! yelling in a good way 🙂 We have a winner! Thanks all who participated and nice one Mark.

  5. That was going to be my second guess 😦

  6. Anna says:

    Congratz!! Mark.

  7. kmonro says:

    All good guesses thanks Everyone, congratulations Mark you won! Enjoy your gift card 🙂

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