Art’s Art Inaugurates Gallery 1501: senior 55+ creations

Lakeview’s residents and visitors are being treated to a beautiful new art gallery, featuring diverse collections of work, when they stroll down Belmont avenue. Gallery 1501 now occupies the west window at Renaissance Saint Luke. The gallery will display artwork created by seniors 55+, and will regularly feature work from the artists that call Renaissance Saint Luke home. What a chance for our folks to strut their stuff!

Paintings by resident Art Sorensen have inaugurated the window. Art has been painting for over 50 years, and his work features vibrant colors, abstract images and relatable themes. The gallery and Art’s work were unveiled during a ceremony and reception on January 27th.

When you’re in our neighborhood, make sure you check out Art’s art and the new gallery. If you’re an artist 55+ and you’re interested in having your work displayed in the gallery window, please call Wayne at 773-975-1501.

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One Response to Art’s Art Inaugurates Gallery 1501: senior 55+ creations

  1. kmonro says:

    What a great way to brighten up someone’s day! Beautiful art!! Nice Job Adam and Wayne. and Thanks to the Residents who are creating the lovely pieces 🙂

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