B-b-b-b-blue jeans, baby!

Did you remember to wear your jeans today? Well, one Jeans Day participant did – can you guess who it is? 

Did you forget already?  We’re rewarding the first person to correctly guess who’s wearing the jeans!!

Have you turned in your form to HR yet?

We are changing the rules a bit.  It can be ANY amount you wish to donate.  There is no minimum.  And let’s remember that your hard-earned money goes to a great cause, the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. TRC’s Property Manager, Janay, is our great ambassador for the program.  Get your form in today and you can be the one wearing jeans next!!!

The contest winner will be the first to correctly guess WHO IT IS.  Get your brain cells charged and working – and post your guess to the blog! The winner will receive a special gift card.

Are you ready? Let’s begin! See if you can tell who this is…

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11 Responses to B-b-b-b-blue jeans, baby!

  1. annamarie2001 says:

    Hummm….. Laura?

  2. kmonro says:

    Keep guessing Jeans Day Participants!

  3. kkleisch says:

    Must be Don or Cory – let’s say Cory!

  4. Ruth says:

    I see somebody already guessed Laura, which was my first guess. I will say Anna.

  5. kmonro says:

    I love the guessing, good ones! One person was right though—— Kathy, you are the winner for this contest round #2! The Jean’s participant wearing the jeans, is Cory!

    Thanks Everyone, for participating!! Keep wearin’ them’ Jeans!!!

  6. kmonro says:

    Thanks for liking us GYA Today! We like your site too! Keep up the great blogging 🙂

  7. Pajama Jeans says:

    Thanks for providing info on these jeans. Its does seem to bring things into perspective when you’re promoting it through a contest. Good read.

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