Good Times GUAR-RON-TEED at RSL Mardi Gras

Renaissance Saint Luke might be a thousand miles away from Louisiana, but if you attended the RSL Mardi Gras party, you would have thought you had been transported to Bourbon Street in New Orleans!

Mardi Gras is New Orleans’ celebration of Fat Tuesday, and our residents celebrated the holiday in style. Zydeco and Preservation Hall Jazz music filled the air, the attendees sported colorful masks and beads, and the scent of authentic chicken gumbo wafted through the club room. Pat O’Brien hurricanes helped keep the atmosphere light and joyful. 

David Tucci from Mutual of Omaha (pictured) hosted the event, the second of what we hope will be many gatherings spawned from the relationship between Mutual of Omaha and Renaissance Saint Luke.

A good time was GUAR-RON-TEED – and the Mardi Gras party delivered. In style!

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One Response to Good Times GUAR-RON-TEED at RSL Mardi Gras

  1. kmonro says:

    What a great event to do for everyone, excellent job Adam and RSL Team!!

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