Logan Theatre is back in action and we’re close by

After hearing the news about the Logan Theatre, I quickly began to research the renovations made to a place that is quite near and dear to my heart. I grew up in this beautiful neighborhood and I am back now – not only residing but also working in Logan Square as a leasing agent for Renaissance West. Renaissance West is located just a few minutes away from the justifiably famous Logan Theatre, which closed last September to undergo a great deal of rehab and restoration. The good news is, we’re really close to the theatre and our residents can easily make an evening event of going to the Logan.

The theatre now has new comfy seating, a full bar open until after the last show ends and delish delights such as hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream. According to TimeOut Chicago tickets will be priced at $7 for evening screenings and $5.50 for matinees and kids. It is a noticeable increase from the $4 tickets of old.

Mark Fishman, proud new owner of Logan Theater and president of the Logan Square-based property management firm M. Fishman & Co., sees an opportunity to develop an artscentric community anchored to the theatre, which sits on the neighborhood’s main drag. “This would be a great centerpiece,” he says. I couldn’t agree more.

I remember as a youngster – after just watching the exciting Free Willy – being given coloring books and crayons by an usher while walking hand-in-butter-soaked-hand with my mother through the brightly lit lobby. The theatre was one of our favorite spots to visit and oh, how I loved running up that slightly elevated entry way. The dark red carpet was so rich and the smiling faces that were so eagerly ready to greet us at the door always made me feel special, as if I wasn’t about to merely watch a movie, but as if I had just stepped into one.

So many great childhood memories reside in that building and I can’t help but be overwhelmed with a great sense of nostalgia everytime I pass by. I’m excited to know that due to its upkeep one day soon I’ll be able to revisit a piece of my past. I have great hopes that all who are reading this post are curious enough to head out to lovely Logan Square, wander the boulevard, catch a show, and enjoy yourselves as much as I did as a kid.

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2 Responses to Logan Theatre is back in action and we’re close by

  1. kkleisch says:

    I drive by the theater almost every day on my way to work. When the dreaded “closed for renovations” sign went up, I was sure it meant “closed forever”. It is great to see I was wrong! Logan Square is a terrific area. Telegraph is one of my favorite restaurants. Good news for everyone!

  2. kmonro says:

    This is a GREAT post, Mandi. Thank you for sharing. Who does not love a classic theatre in a fun area?

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