Stairway to heaven; well, to the third floor

With a flurry of record-breaking high temperatures replacing the normal snow flurries in the last few weeks, everyone has been enjoying themselves outside as much as they can.  Here at Lyndale Place, not only are we enjoying the gear-up for a hot, sunny spring, we’re spritzing up the joint! 

We’ve begun an extensive porch-repair project that will reinforce railings, treads, stringers and more. All that carpenter lingo sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Our crack masons are up on top, where tuckpointing has begun to help this old beauty last for many years to come.

This spring, we’re planning to enhance the landscaping in our courtyard with lots more color and texture, and we’ll definitely keep you up to date on that progress.  It’s all part of being good neighbors in our Logan Square community – and right here in our very own backyard (make that front yard).

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One Response to Stairway to heaven; well, to the third floor

  1. kmonro says:

    Looks like it will surely be a sight for sore eyes, thanks LP Team!

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