Take me out to the ballgame – NOW

Our good friends at Renaissance Social Services have hit a home run! They have scored a number of FREE BLEACHER SEATS for the April 8th, 11th and the 25th afternoon games to cheer on the Cubbies at beautiful, historic Wrigley Field!

Why is this such great news? Because they have given us a block of those tickets for our  residents. Games start at 1:20pm – get your Cubs hat and your SPF and head to the ballpark! You’re guaranteed to have a great time. There’s never a bad day at Wrigley.

Tickets are imited on a first-come, first-served basis until they’re all gone. We want to see our Wicker Park Renaissance residents yelling alongside as we “root, root, root for the Cubbies!”

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2 Responses to Take me out to the ballgame – NOW

  1. kkleisch says:

    April 11th is a game against the Milwaukee Brewers and Renaissance Saint Luke residents will be there, also. Maybe someone can snag a ball! Go Cubs!

  2. kmonro says:

    Thanks RSSI and Guirlaine for sharing!

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