Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock and roll!

Hey! You! Look what’s happening near Lyndale Place.  Used to be,  people would go bowling for an inexpensive afternoon or evening’s entertainment.  Imagine! For several decades, residents in Logan Square have been going to The Fireside Bowl – and not just for bowling, but for hot music, too. Go figure! 

And guess what? Back in the old days, the Fireside Bowl was actually an ice factory. *shivers* In 1941, it was converted into a twelve-lane pin-boy bowling alley that thrived throughout the 1940s and 50s.  In the mid-50s, it was expanded and AMF automatic pinspotters were installed and four more lanes were installed.  The magic of mechanics! Then,  in the summer of 2004, further renovations were made to the Fireside to update features such as automatic scoring, even more new lanes, new equipment, and significant upgrades to the building and its amenities, all while staying open to the public.

But it hasn’t always been about bowling at the Fireside.  Fireside has also been a popular music venue, especially back when bowling’s popularity started to decline.  Music performances were the norm at Fireside from the 1970s up until 1999. That’s when the cloud of eminent domain was hung over Fireside with the proposed expansion of Haas Park.  But that was settled in 2003, and Fireside decided to get back to its roots of bowling. Yippee! And they once again started hosting musical performances in 2010. Our residents know all about the music and fun

Maybe you’ve seen the Fireside Bowl featured in pop culture.  The bowling scenes from the 2006 film “The Break Up,” featuring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were filmed at the Fireside, as well as several external scenes from the 1992 film “Rapid Fire” featuring Brandon Lee and Powers Boothe.  It’s also mentioned in the 2000 song “Goodbye Forever,” by Chicago-based Alkaline Trio.

For those of us here at Lyndale Place, we like having such an historic piece of Chicago only two blocks away. Many of our folks enjoy themselves there regularly. How could they not? Since it’s priced as low as $23/hour for a lane, what’s not to like? So you might see groups of Lyndalers there from time to time. Give ’em a wave!  

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