Wanna win? Got Jeans? Let’s Go!

Isn’t it great to be able to wear jeans to work?  Of course it is. And next week on Payroll Friday it’s TRC Jeans Day!

Head’s up… it’s fast approaching. So have your favorite work-appropriate jeans ready to wear and dig out your “Building a Better World” badge. Pin that puppy on for Blue Jeans Day.

How do you get a badge?  Fill out a donation form, turn it into HR and ask your Building Manager for a badge to wear with your favorite work jeans.  You’ll be part of something bigger and better, making a difference in our world. See how easy it is?  

Sound good so far?  Well it gets better.  Your donation (of any amount, there is now no minimum) in each paycheck will help the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation and benefit children and people with Charge Syndrome. Excitingly enough, if we were set to write a check on May 4th, it would be for $1004 + the loose change in the HQ office jar. Can you believe it? After just three months of wearing jeans.  But….I think we can keep going! Get your donation forms in and your loose change jars out in your buildings.  Can we get to $2000 by August? What do you think?

Every dollar helps.  And I know you want to wear jeans to work.

Contest time  

Guess which picture is the real one from TRC, and guess who is wearing the jeans.  Get a prize if you guess BOTH correctly, by posting your answers on the blog.

Ready, Set, GO!

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4 Responses to Wanna win? Got Jeans? Let’s Go!

  1. The jeans with the purple sneakers is the real one and I”m going to guess Laura is wearing the jeans.

  2. markmas23 says:

    How about the longer picture in the middle, and I’ll go ahead and say they’re Kristen’s!

  3. kmonro says:

    Whoa, how did you know? We have a winner!!!! Thanks for participating Guirlaine and Mark. Mark you guessed right, it was me! Where was everyone else on this one??
    And the picture is the one in the middle, although I wish mine were the ones with those fun purple kicks! You will be notified of your prize shortly.

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