Do you know me?

I would like to introduce a new feature called Do You Know Me?  Not to be confused with the famous American Express ad campaign, ours will be a get-to-know-you kind of thing. So let’s get started!

Many times our connections with each other are only by phone and business related.  Now, on the occasion of my third anniversary of joining Renaissance, here’s my story. I am married (for 40 years) and have one daughter.  I also have two wonderful granddaughters, 12 & 8.  I’m a lifelong member of Saint Luke Church, our partner at Renaissance Saint Luke and Greenview Place. In fact, I graduated from Saint Luke Academy – as did two other Renaissance employees. (But I’m not telling who; I’ll leave it to them to disclose that vital info.)

Prior to my coming to Renaissance, I was the office manager for an architectural sheet metal firm for 31 years.  They specialized in restoration of landmark buildings. We worked on many, many great projects in and around Chicago.

My job here is really just a continuation of the “restoration theme.”  At Renaissance, as Controller, the focus of everything I (and we) do is for the restoration –  the renaissance – of people’s lives and their environment.

I am thankful for the opportunity to begin my second 30+ years working with all of you.


About kkleisch

Controller @ Renaissance Realty
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3 Responses to Do you know me?

  1. cjam1 says:

    Glad to know ya!

  2. markmas23 says:

    Love the picture. Very snazzy. 🙂

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