Facebook Contest Winner Announced; drum roll, please…

Recently, to spice things up a bit, the TRC Social Media Team held a company-wide Facebook contest for our customers. It was a chance for our net surfer residents to play with us on our property group Facebook pages – and to encourage excitement on the team about which residents were saying what.  Pssst!!

Mainly, we could not wait to hear about what they love about The Renaissance Companies. I know – narcissistic, right?

We asked our residents to tell us why they love living at a Renaissance property – and they sure did tell us! We had folks chime in from Lyndale Place, Renaissance West, Wicker Park, and Renaissance North. Cheers to them! We had many great responses and sentiments from our residents and we really look forward to more of their ideas and stories. We’re building virtual neighborhoods at each group page. You should check it out.

We held a random draw for the winning entry, and we’re thrilled to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Facebook Contest Winner, Patricia E, from Lyndale Place. Wow, Patricia, many thanks for writing why you love living at Lyndale Place; we’re happy you’re happy! 

Patricia’s winning entry said:

“The best part of living [here] is these are people who really care about our well-being. They really care about our mental state of mind and they care about our financial disposition.

[Lyndale] has the best Christmas because we are given delightful gifts that make us feel as if we have been here for forever. [The staff] cares about the residents and makes sure that we have food. They try and make our stay here as comfortable as can be. I love my case workers here, they are so giving and show so much concern to my situations. I also like that we are in a great community. School is right across the street which my daughter, Joy, attended.

This is far by the best neighborhood I have settled in a while. The landscaping is so beautiful and I love to show my home to my family and friends. I enjoy getting a newsletter on birthdays and the events in the community. [Lyndale Place] is somewhere that I’m planning to stay for a long time.”

Thanks again for your heartfelt words and for joining us in the contest, Patricia. The great team at Lyndale will be contacting you directly with your $100 prize. Sweet!

To our customers: we appreciate all of your ideas and participation. Keep ’em coming. And thanks for making this contest a fun one. We love doing what we do because of YOU.

Join us on Facebook! You can also find each of our property pages here: Wicker Park Renaissance, Lyndale Place, Renaissance North, Renaissance West, The Taylor Renaissance, Renaissance Saint Luke, Greenview Place. Join a group today!

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