Extra! Extra! Book Club is in the house!

So. You finally have the chance to read that book you’ve had on your nightstand forever – and now you should bring it to work. Huh?

This past winter, the TRC Book Club was introduced, and it’s going to be an exciting time of idea sharing and creative expression. This will be a flexible crew wanting to learn, grow, and develop – individually and as a group – discussing various business and fiction books over lunch. Sounds fun, but super serious, right?

Fun yes! But not too serious – we promise. This is an optional and self-directed group that gets to pick the books they want to read. If you cannot make a meeting or do not want to read the chosen book, just skip that one and participate in the next. See how easy it is?

The book list is limitless: business, motivational, intellectual, comic, dramatic, etc. Anything the book club wants! Now it sounds better right? All TRC team members are welcome to join; in fact, you’re encouraged to step up when ready and initiate a book title for the group. The person who suggests the book would be given the opportunity to develop the discussion meeting question.

You may be wondering at this point who has time to read a book every month. Well, worry no more! We’ll decide as a team how many chapters to read before each meeting, so that it does not have to be “one more chore I have on my list of things to do.”

Since the initial idea was pitched, a few TRC team members have expressed their interest in joining the Club. Sweet! Recently, we settled on a book and set our first meeting date. Credit goes to Jamie B. for suggesting that the Book Club’s first book be The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. What a great first book to read, a classic indeed. Everyone can learn from and enjoy this one; it can truly be beneficial in personal and business life.

Don’t you want to join us in reading this best seller? After our first meeting, you can decide from there if you want to continue. Don’t worry; it’s going to be good, and we’ll happily take suggestions as we go along to make it the best it can be.

Officially confirmed, the TRC Book Club lunch meetings will be BYO brown bag. If the Book Club meets at Greenview, team members can take advantage of a hot lunch at the employee discount price. We’re meeting the fourth Wednesday of every month – and if you can’t join us in person, we’ll see you via conference call. First Book Club date is June 27th at Greenview Place. Are you excited yet?

TRC team members, please consider joining our new Book Club, and give a shout-out with your book suggestions. It’s a great opportunity for sharing, learning and spending time with team members! Email Kristen at any time if you are interested in joining. You can join at any time, it is an open door policy.

May the Book be with you.

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