Free Art Exhibition In Logan Square – I said FREE!

Not too many things are better than art. Okay, maybe one or two. But for sure one thing that’s better than art is getting to see art for free, especially when it’s so close.  During the month of June, we’ve got that chance because Logan Square is lucky to have a very special exhibition in our midst.

I Am Logan Square is a local organization known for connecting arts and community, and they are currently presenting Inspired by the Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges, an exhibition featuring seven artists who have translated the well-known myths of Borges into spectacular visual representations.  

Originally, The Book of Imaginary Beings was published as El Libro del los Seres Imaginarios in 1967 and contains 116 different entries of imaginary beings as interpreted by Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges.  The work in the current exhibition explores the views and artistic styles of Isak Applin, Carl Baratta, Inga Comer-Keene, Shannon Lunkes-Goldman, Sheryl Orlove, Neal Retke and Peter Reynoso, who each translate these written words into visual stories.  Each artist read the book and chose six imaginary beings to represent, making it a total of 42 works of art.  Copies of the book will be on hand so that the viewer can interact with the exhibition by comparing the written and visual interpretations of each being represented.  You can also buy the book at Bucket O’ Blood Books & Records near the corner of California and Milwaukee, which is just about a few minutes from Lyndale Place.

The exhibition opened on June 8 and runs through June 27, 2012 at the I Am Logan Square Gallery, located at 2644 N. Milwaukee Ave.

It’s a great opportunity to see great works of art so close to Lyndale Place, don’t miss it! And you thought our building was a masterpiece. *grins*

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