Whether you’re a square or a rectangle, we’ve got you covered

As head honcho of the Ren West Facebook group page, I’m always looking for great local events and discounts to share with our residents. Well, today I stumbled upon a great one – the LoganSquarist fan page.  It didn’t take me long to press the Like button after scrolling through the page’s abundant useful content. It’s exactly what I was looking for, a one-stop-shop for great information to share with RWers about what’s happening around the Square. The Logan Squarist is an electronic version of the neighborhood store, keeping us updated on local happenings and events, news from restaurants, venues and businesses, and community-building activities. It’s an amazing resource for all of us in Logan Square. Really!

I recently spoke to the site’s founder and publisher, Kate Hamilton, and she shared a bit of her motivation and vision for the site. She started Logan Squarist to fill a void.

  • She realized last April that there were a lot of new businesses, activities, and events in the neighborhood but there wasn’t a central source to navigate through all of it
  • Like any great visionary would do, she saw a need and she created a solution, that’s when the idea of the Logan Squarist was born

You can stay informed on the LS website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ , and on FourSquare. The site has been up and running for a little over a year now and has had great success. The Red Eye has even named @LoganSquarist as a must have account to follow.

What makes this local gem great is the fact that its articles are written by our neighbors,  with our interests in mind. I encourage you all to follow and become involved and I am certain Kate would love to see more and more businesses, business people, neighbors and friends contributing to create a wonderful place for us to share, learn and grow this wonderful area.


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  1. Thank you for the great write up! I really appreciate it!

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