A shop with heart, right here in the neighborhood

One evening this past month, I was sitting at S&G Restaurant, a family-run restaurant here in Lakeview. One of our Renaissance Saint Luke residents came into the eatery and mentioned she’d fallen along her way, producing a minor cut. 

S&G’s owner stopped at my table and handed me the diner’s telephone. The caller identified herself as the manager of Flourish Studios®. She said a lady had fallen leaving their shop and they’d watched her go into S&G, and she was calling to make sure our resident was all right. Our hosts at S&G had already checked on our resident, consoling her and providing a bandage. 

I decided to stop by Flourish after dinner to thank the folks there for their kindness.What I found when I arrived was an amazing shop. Flourish Studios® emphasizes positive change through education, art, and resources. They combine the talents and expertise of professional therapists with special events, classes, art exhibits, and merchandise to enrich the lives of children, teenagers, and adults.

The nurturing environment is designed to help people flourish. Their retail and online store offers exceptional products with the purpose of helping children, teenagers and adults live their best lives. Discreetly tucked into the welcoming and calming surrounding, the Studio For Change® offers experienced therapists to help alleviate new or chronic individual, couple or family issues. 

This unique space was the brainchild of Dr. Julia M. Rahn, a clinical psychologist with more than fifteen years experience in helping people meet their individual and family goals.  Her key to success is working with the whole person and using creative interventions to promote change.  She determined the best way to serve her clients was to collect all of her therapeutic efforts and resources under one roof. From empowering art to unusual greeting cards, developmental games and puzzles, and products that stimulate the creative spirit, Flourish Studios® is a unique place.

If you haven’t visited this great shop located at 3020 N. Lincoln, stop in today or visit them online.  Mention Renaissance Saint Luke at the shop and you’ll receive a 15% discount on Flourish Studios retail products or events!

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