Walgreen’s returns with flu shots

The early bird DOESN’T get the GERM! It’s that time of year again… time to  get your flu shot. Our local Walgreen’s provides those flu shots – and more. They’re just down the street, and have been a great neighbor!

Our folks at RSL didn’t want to end up like Fido here. Mary from Walgreen’s was on site Tuesday, Sept. 11th, offering flu and pneumonia shots. Offered at the Walgreen’s store as well, these immunizations are usually covered through Medicare and most insurance. Shingle and tetanus shots, along with other immunizations, are also available at an additional charge. 

Healthy alert! Mary has Walk with Walgreen’s information available. Get your FREE pedometer, rack up your miles, and turn them into savings at the Walgreen’s website. Get walking – and start saving!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mary at 773-281-8439. If you missed our flu shot clinic, there is still a chance to get a step ahead of cold and flu season by getting your immunizations at your local Walgreens.

Get yours today!

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