Holidays and family make my heart glad – how about you?

When the holidays begin to come around it seems as though a new reality is created for everyone. I rather like it! It’s as if I’m transported to a Hollywood set; an altered reality that creates this warm and welcoming feeling, manifesting into some kind of holiday film where everyone is singing a tune. ~Jingle Bells~Girl Making Snow Angel

At least, that’s how I like to envision it.

We start by giving thanks in the month of November. Then we prepare for a holiday filled with mistletoes and gift giving in December; a world filled with stuffed stockings and an abundance of cheer, accompanied with visions of Old Saint Nick. Ringing in a new year follows, and we start all over again after the first of January. Whew! I’m tired already, but so excited! C

I love the holidays. From BBQ outings in July to kissing my sweetie at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, there’s just something magical about celebrating a holiday and being surrounded by loved ones.

Family makes holidays more enjoyable. More meaningful, and more memorable. To see the smiles on happy faces makes every recipe prepared, tables set up and hours of cooking well worth it. I love my family, and they return that love daily.

Dog with Santa Hat Popping out of PresentTo my children who have started their own families, it’s a joy to see them creating their own traditions and lasting memories. I wish we could celebrate a holiday every day, but I guess in a way we do when we allow ourselves to feel that joy and togetherness. Who needs a special date?

For me, holidays with my family are something I look forward to each year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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2 Responses to Holidays and family make my heart glad – how about you?

  1. jkhmohamed says:

    Wonderful thoughts! Happy Holidays!

  2. jamiebasso says:

    So true about what the holidays are about! Happy Holidays!

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