Thinking about the QC? Well, you should.

Two years ago I moved to the Quad Cities, not knowing what to expect. Ever since I graduated from college I’ve lived and worked in much larger metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. If someone had told me I would be living in the Quad Cities area at this time in my life, I would not have entertained the thought and would have asked what and where are the Quad Cities.

Times can change, and reasons can change. Having now lived on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, I’ve learned that Davenport is a great city to call home. When I was considering the move to Davenport, high on my list were the Mississippi riverfront and the beautiful bridges that light up the night; these were major attractions for me; icing on the cake was my desire to be closer to family in the area.

Centennial Bridge (1)Now I find myself encouraging folks to come to the QC. Whether you’re moving across country or just stopping by for a weekend getaway, it’s time for you to meet Davenport. So pull up a chair and take a virtual ride with me along the riverfront.

In the city of Davenport we have two main universities: Saint Ambrose, located just a few blocks away, and nearby Palmer College of Chiropractic. Palmer has a unique place in history; it’s where the first chiropractic adjustment took place. I bet you didn’t know that! Several renowned music festivals take place in Davenport each year, including the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, the Mississippi Valley Fair, and the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival. Plus, for you physical fitness aficionados, the internationally known seven mile (11 km) foot race called the Bix 7 runs during the festival.

Davenport has a Class A minor league baseball team, the QC River Bandits. We’ve also got 27 parks and over 12 miles (19 km) of recreational paths for biking or walking. You can definitely get some definition living here! We have our own ballet company and city orchestra, a wonderful year-round farmer’s market, the Figgie Art Museum and other local art museums, music concerts, street festivals, local business coffee shops, and many other “big city entertainment items.” We also have the entire Mississippi riverfront, which you can experience up close and personal, whether it is visiting the many parks along the river, dining at restaurants along the water, experiencing a boat ride down the river, or simply viewing the Big Muddy from a high-rise window.

????????And… drumroll, please.. we also have the eagles (no, not the famous rock group, but the actual majestic bird that represents the USA). You can spot them near the river.

Davenport has a declining crime rate and a low rate of unemployment, and was ranked as the most affordable metropolitan area in 2010 by Forbes. In 2012, Davenport and the QC metropolitan area were ranked among the fastest-growing areas in the nation in high-tech job growth. We’re on the move upward!

So, I invite you to put the QC on your bucket list of places to visit, or better yet, live and be a part of history through the redevelopment of its cities and neighboring communities. During your visit, be sure to stop by and see us at The Taylor Renaissance, a beautifully restored registered piece of history in the west side of the city of Davenport. Even more exciting, Renaissance is growing in the QC, too, and we’re finishing our sister property, The Jackson Renaissance. It’s another piece of renovated, registered historic building site. You have to see the properties to appreciate our unique presence in the city, and what an impact we’re having in Davenport’s neighborhoods.

CoupleBenchRiverSome of the seniors living with us had heard about the renovation of the schools, and have told us their stories of being students, and some even teaching at Taylor and Jackson. Our company had a vision to offer an alternative to QC seniors, by providing beautiful rental homes designed to work with those seniors on a limited income. We represent the smart option in the QC.

Walk through the halls of the old schools, and see the architectural beauty come alive again. Each classroom is now a luxurious, affordable apartment home, and you’ll marvel at this adaptive reuse.

Come see for yourselves; Davenport and the Renaissance properties are truly a great place to live!

Jean S, Site Manager
The Taylor Renaissance
The Jackson Renaissance

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