Blockhead Fitness is right downstairs – what are you waiting for?

blockheadBlockhead Fitness is ramping it up, people! Our good friend – and tenant! – is now offering some sweet classes beginning this month. Many of you know the folks who are located in the gorgeous corner space on our first floor. Blockhead was our next-door neighbor for a few years before moving into our building and enlarging operations. Now, they’ve got so much more; you’ve got to check this out! (Here are the deets from the Blockhead brochure.) 

GOLF FITNESS 9:00 AM Sundays golf

Golf Fitness is designed around the premise that better athletes make better golfers. In this class, we work to improve flexibility, range of motion, stability, balance, endurance, and power to improve your golf game. We will work on corrective exercises to improve posture and biomechanics to increase efficiency and help reduce injury. Class members will also learn warm up exercises to prepare the body to perform optimally.


This class will decrease the risk of injuries that runners place on there bodies and it will increase your endurance as an athlete. In this class we work on corrective exercises to improve muscle balance and biomechanics. We also work on core strength and balance for better running economy. Lastly, we focus on functional training to improve finishing strength and overall athleticism.

SHRED 5:30-6:30 AM Mon/Wed/Fri

This is a high intensity, full-hour workout of multiple muscle groups and various forms of exercise techniques. Each training session will never be the same as the last.

YOGA 8:00 AM Saturdaysyoga

All levels encouraged! Come and get limber. 

SELF-DEFENSE 9:00 AM Saturdays

Learn the fine points of awareness and how to defend yourself.

Blockhead Fitness Inc.
553-557 W North Ave
Chicago IL 60610

Please refer to Blockhead’s website for more details – and stop in to visit them after you’ve been in to see what amazing apartment homes we have at Renaissance North!


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