I am woman, hear me roar…

March is Women’s History Month and we at Renaissance Saint Luke are proud to recognize the outstanding achievements women have made in the world throughout history. We honor your tireless efforts to make our world a better place – thank you.

Long before Helen Reddy’s famous song became the de facto anthem for the Women’s Movement, women have been much more than “just a pretty face.”

  • Madame_curie_3334194920_e4014f35a4_oMarie Sklodowska Curie, physicist and chemist, the first to isolate pure radium; Marie was born in 1867 in Russian-occupied Poland, and secretly obtained a higher education, which was forbidden to girls in Poland
  • Amelia Erhardt, aviator, the first women to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross from the Congress of the United States
  • Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, a woman who was just as politically savvy and strong-willed as her male rivals Jeanne1Pin
  • Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc), devout believer and soldier, who successfully rallied French troops in the Hundred Years War, leading to Charles VII being crowned king in 1429; she was canonized a saint in 1920
  • Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to the US Congress; Jeannette was a rancher’s daughter and a suffragist, elected from Montana in 1916
  • Condoleeza Rice, the second female to serve as US Secretary of State, and the first woman (and the first black) to serve as provost for prestigious Stanford University

We could recite legions more: Mother Theresa, humanitarian; Agnes DeMille, choreographer, not to mention the iconic Rosie, the Riveter, who represented the thousands of American women who took off their aprons, moved out of the kitchens and into the factories. Those Rosies built airplanes, munitions and war supplies, keeping America and her allies supplied and moving forward. This was a marked departure for women in America; they took over roles that had been filled almost exclusively by men before the war. 


This has been a very, very short list of women who have made an impact on our world and, in some instances, even changed the course of history.

And let us not forget all of our mothers, the backbone of the family.

A little closer to home, we give a nod to some true Renaissance women. The Renaissance Companies is owned and managed by strong, dynamic females: Nancy Kapp, Chief Executive Officer, and Jeanmarie Kapp, Chief Operations Officer. The majority of the upper management of our company is also made up of bright and dedicated women. We take great pride in that fact. 

Join us by saluting the women in your life, and by taking a few moments to ponder the efforts of women throughout history, many of whom were unrecognized for their deeds, deeds that have been lost in the pages of history.

Think about where we’d be in this world without them.


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