This art just looks expensive – you can see it for FREE

MP900309017Who likes art?  Okay, who likes art close to home?  Even better, who likes an art exhibition that is both close to home and FREE?!?!  There, I thought that would get your attention.

“Distirrbed Not Shaken,” opening on March 15th at the Jackson Junge Gallery at 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave, features the nightlife paintings of Chicago artist Laura Lee Junge.  Junge often uses wine or liquor bottles as the inspiration of the characters in her works of art, with many people aptly describing her work as “intoxicating.”  The bottle characters play with the viewer, asking them to come on into a saloon where a scruffy, personified Jack Daniels bottle gets into a duel with a personified bottle of Cuervo 1800, or an Irish Pub parade, led by the Dewars drum major, or even a Carribean themed work where Captain Morgan surveys the treasures of the sea. MP900289484

Featured at this exhibition are Junge’s two newest works, “Beer Ball” and “Sapphire Supremacy.”  In “Beer Ball,” the bottles take on the personalities of famous athletes as they charge across the canvas, and in “Sapphire Supremacy,” Her Majesty the Queen is being entertained by a James Bond martini resting on her hip and carried on a reclined throne.  I’m guessing this is where the named “Distirrbed Not Shaken” comes from.


Recently commenting on her work, Junge said “My favorite part of each painting is imagining the overall scene and narrative.  After that it is the discovery of finding just the right bottle to ‘audition’ for the role a specific character might play in the piece… it gives me great joy to create a body of work that can bring a smile to someone’s face and, perhaps, a moment’s relief from life’s hardships.”

“Distirrbed Not Shaken” will run at the Jackson Junge Gallery through May 5th, 2013.  The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM through 8:00 PM, and on Sundays from Noon through 5:00 PM.  And don’t forget, it’s free.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: who doesn’t love free things?

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