Experience spring with ALL your senses

As we are now in the midst of May – the ‘lusty month of May’, as one poet called it – we see our gardens, trees, and prairies in their full annual renaissance. This is what I love about this time of year, not only the visual beauty but also the smells and sounds of this season.
IMG_2872I see/smell/hear the phases of spring in my garden (enjoy my “bragging” pictures!). I wait and watch. The tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth bulbs – dormant for months – passively wait for the winter storms to pass before they appear tentatively in March, more in April, and then in their ultimate full splendor in May. Their delicate fragrance, joined by heavenly aroma from our lilac bush, fills the air. The avian music from our local flocks of sparrows, finches, and even some doves complete this sensory extravaganza. 

But, here’s the catch:   you must search for these springtime joys; only when we’re walking around can we fully appreciate them.

So, then, gardens like mine are an invitation to walk around the neighborhood. Let us leave the cozy apartments that have protected us and provided comfort during our very unusual winter. We need to go out and experience all of this spring – not in a virtual world – but in the first-hand bursts of sights, smells, and sounds which are free for the taking. 

IMG_2867Our Renaissance buildings are in great walking neighborhoods. While most are on fairly (or very) business commercial streets, they are just steps away from quiet side-streets and parks. Taking that Sunday afternoon stroll, by yourself or with other explorers, is just the right way to revel in the explosions of color and scent in this month of May.

I encourage all of us to take that stroll and experience all that spring has to offer. We’ll get a little exercise, too, and maybe meet new neighbors. These treasures of May won’t last; we have to enjoy them while we can.

See you on the promenade!



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  1. Beautiful Flowers!!!

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