Get your popcorn, grab a seat, and enjoy the show!

Movie 3What are the excuses we make for not going to the movies?

“It’s too expensive.”
“I don’t want to be inside when it’s so nice outside.”
“I hate having to travel to a theater when I can just watch movies at home.”

Want some cheese with that whine? 

Oops, back to business. How about if I told you that our lucky Wicker Park Renaissance residents could solve all three of these dilemmas at one time? In one place? For free?

Wowza! Movie 1

Yep. Once again, the Chicago Park District and the Wicker Park Garden Club are joining forces with The Wormhole to present Summer Movies in the Park. Can’t you just picture it (no pun intended)? A warm summer evening, relaxing in the grass, watching a big screen thriller or action flick?

Now, let’s tackle those cop-outs from up above. The flicks are free, outside, and across the street from Wicker Park Renaissance. I mean, what’s not to love, right? We all love free things, we all love trying to spend time outside during the summer months, and we all love an easy commute.

The movies will start in late June, and starting times have yet to be officially announced, but I’m sure it’s an “after-dark” kind of affair. You can check with the Wicker Park/Bucktown Insider’s Guide for exact start times. This summer’s scheduled movies are:

Movie 2Thursday, June 20: Earth Girls Are Easy
Tuesday, July 2: Independence Day
Thursday, July 25: Jurassic Park
Thursday, August 22: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Get your popcorn and your blankets ready to go, and we’ll see you on movie night!

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