Bringing the farm to the Logan Square table

Renaissance West is located in lovely Logan Square where there is no need to compromise. You can have the best of both worlds…

133294342067_171_65_66The heart of the big city and country comfort are all right here, thanks to our  Logan Square Farmer’s Market. The Outdoor Farmer’s Market runs every Sunday from May 19th through October 27th on Logan Boulevard from Milwaukee Avenue to Whipple Street.

Have you been to the market? It’s loaded with food, music, entertainment and fun! It’s also a great place to meet your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors. You can learn make new friends, find out more information on our neighborhood’s resources, and purchase fresh food or a CSA share. 576026_10151518334349683_1967596506_n

If you are wondering what a CSA share is then I’d love to tell you! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and a share is the purchase of some of your local farmer’s seasonal crops plucked straight from the field and shipped to your home. It’s great way to get affordable super healthy foods for those who are low on time, and for those fans of the yummy freshness of ripened veggies and fruits that can’t always be found at the local grocer. The Logan Square Market has quite a few vendors that offer this unique service, like Tomato Mountain. Tomato Mountain’s share “is a weekly box of certified organic produce picked at their farm and delivered in the evening to your home (bi-weekly in Winter). It consists of a wide variety of veggie staples.” They also provide weekly newsletters and ton of great information about what they grow and offer on their farms at their website. Another great neighbor here in Logan Square. 

thumbnailCAIV55MMSo surf on over to their page for information or stroll through the Logan Square Market to meet them. The Market is open 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sundays. 

And if you happen to take a trip to lovely Logan Square and fall in love with all you see, then consider calling this place home. Give us a call at Renaissance West to meet all your studio apartment needs at 773-862-2500. 

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