Great Deals in Chicago!

I admit it – I’m a big fan of Chicago. I love this city!  I’m always on the lookout for what’s happening here, and I’ve found a winner. I’d like to share this fantastic Facebook page I found called Free Things to Do in Chicago. The page was created by Steve and Sue Lavey to show others that it is possible to find lots of free and low-cost things to do in Chicago. Really! freechicago

You’ll find daily deals – sometimes several within the same day. I’ve personally taken advantage of some of these great deals and freebies that perhaps I might not have otherwise considered. You might just find that your favorite coffee shop is having a free cup of joe day. Or, you’ll spot discounted Chicago boat tours, a free concert, and the list goes on. 

The Laveys have also created Facebook pages for great deals in other cities. I encourage you to check out the Chicago page because you never know what great deals you might come across. 

If you’re not a “fan” of Facebook, you’re missing out on something good. And free! 


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