Springtime – on the fence

I look forward to the warmer months and various seasons here in Chicago. If you’ve lived any time here you know the weather can be more like summer half the year and winter-like temperatures the other six months, with a few days scattered about that can honestly be described as seasonal.

?????????????????????????????????????I’m not complaining, though! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else though. I love Chicago.

I think even meteorologists can go a little crazy with the unpredictable changes in weather here. Who wouldn’t? I guess it does  keep them on their toes, and certainly makes for interesting conversation at the TV stations. They must live for this kind of stuff!

Chicago weather is more like springtime – on the fence. Mother Nature can never quite seem to make up her mind…  Iceberg in Blue Antarctic Waters

Today is no different. As I sit here writing this, I can hear the rain gently hitting the window with gray skies above; shivers. Kind of gives the city a less than welcoming look. A quick walk to a local store for a beverage and I truly felt like grabbing my winter coat out of the trunk. I still may do that!

When the weather is ideal we like to barbecue, and on colder days throw together a nice sopa (soup) to warm up the family with a little comfort food. I have to admit, it’s days like this that bring to mind grabbing a comforter and watching a movie at home.

Close Up Leaf & Water DropsI can speak for the city when I say, that we are all impatiently waiting for summer to show its beautifully bright skies and kiss us on the cheek with those warm rays of sunshine. Only then will we be able to official say – it’s summer. And I’m ready for some picnic weather. I’ve even gathered a list of summertime fun for the family.

Let’s see. Outdoor festivals, Movies in the Park, Six Flags Great America, plus well-coordinated family outings accompanied by delicious foods, beverages and maybe a dessert or two. Okay, a few desserts, and plenty of laughter and great music!

So what are your plans for the summer?

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