Crafty vets

Many people use crafting as a way to relax and distress. It allows you to focus your mind, become absorbed in a task, express yourself and create something wonderful. IMG_0191 - Copy

As part of the activity programming at Greenview Place, we have partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer our resident vets the opportunity to do a therapeutic art or craft project. The program – which offers DIY kits – is free to our veterans, and already it’s popular here. We had a great group attend the first session, and our instructor was very kind and helpful.

The craft event also offers our vets the opportunity to thank the persons responsible for getting the kits together, which is a good way to link grateful Americans with our veterans.

IMG_0189Each pack contains all the materials necessary to create something beautiful and one of a kind. There are kits for leather working, model planes, painting, and photography. One of our veterans, John R., finished a picture of The Statue of Liberty, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Memorial.

We hope to see the program grow, and, as part of our Labor Day festivities, we plan to host a Veterans Pride Flag Craft. Veterans, their families and friends are all welcome to join us as we make desktop flags as a reminder of what each veteran has contributed to America.


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