Art, Oil, and The End of Winter!

As April begins, it’s tough not to feel like a “fool” after the winter that we just endured in this very Windy City. As tempting as it is to just continue the winter hibernation, it’s time for our Renaissance North residents to break off the shackles of winter and get out to some of the fun happenings in our very own neighborhood of Old Town. Here’s a couple of fun, special places nearby.

Any art lovers amongst us? I have to believe there are.

1Just for you, Old Town has something special. It’s The Old Town Triangle Art Center, located at 1763 N. North Park Ave. They’ve received rave reviews from local art critics, and many of the pieces are priced just right, so there’s something for all art lovers. The Old Town Triangle Art Center is open on weekends from 10am-6pm.

In this neighborhood, we don’t always follow the norm. Some of us actually get excited over things like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How about you?

2If so, you should definitely check out Old Town Oil. Established in 2007, they specialize in olive oils,  alsamic vinegars, aged and flavored vinegar. Some of the olive oil combinations they have are downright kooky sounding, but something tells me that they’re also unbelievably delicious? They’re located at 1520 N. Wells Suite 1, and they’re open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

Not everything is about art and olive oil in Old Town. There’s so much to see and do that it’s a wonder that Ren North-ers have time to take care of their daily necessities. It’s just good to know that so much fun is so close to the front door!

And now that we can get out that front door without being assaulted by a foot of snow and ice, it’s just that much easier to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Like Nike says, Just Do It!

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